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If Twitter Is Bought By Salesforce…


Should Salesforce buy Twitter? What can we expect if it happens? Does this deal even make sense?

According to “digital evangelist” Val Afshar, Salesforce buying Twitter would make perfect sense:


As a market leader in CRM, Salesforce buying Twitter would have benefits for Twitter in terms of sales growth and market share. Many of the products that Saleforce provides, customer service software, market research tools, etc are already integrated with social media. By adding a social media network with over 300 million monthly users, Saleforce will have a far wider reach and add enhanced offerings to current and potential customers.

Business Insider also notes that this deal makes sense as Twitter is one of the most widely used prospecting tools used by salespeople these days.”

We aregoing to continue watching this deal closely, stay tuned. Apparently Google also has an eye on Twitter.  (brrr!) May the best company win!




A Day In The Field With Sam, Our Analyst

Ever wondered what an analyst spends the day doing? Well, here is a day in the life of Sam, one of our most senior analysts:


Sam specializes in providing data-driven insights, workflows, develops and continually analyses in-depth journey maps and buyer personas for your business.

“Typically my day starts of with completing the routine tasks, returning calls, reading emails, catching up on the latest on Twitter, other social media, and the news. This is also my coffee time, to juice myself up for the day.

Contrary to popular thinking, analysts don’t spend the whole day buried in data. My favorite part of the morning is interacting with clients, which normally happens from mid morning. Today I had an opportunity to discuss Google analytics with a new client and explain the major elements to their website. After that I had a great conference call with our partners in Vancouver, and learnt that I am not the only one scared of heights. It’s a small world.

Lunch is my best time of the day. I always avoid eating at my desk and enjoy wandering around our neighborhood to visit some of the Jewish or Filipino restaurants. Just near Bathurst and Wilson is the best bagel place in the world, Bagel World.


Most of the deep analytical work I do in the afternoon. I have several dashboards set up with live feeds from CRM software such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics. My favourite analytics tool for ecommerce remains Kissmetrics, although I am constantly plugged into Google Analytics and Retentiongrid, depending on the particular clients and their specific needs.

Ok, it’s 5 pm, I am off to the gym!”

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