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Is Home Delivery in The Grocery World Threatening Your Business?

The grocery business is changing. Amazon Prime members can now get discounts at Wholefoods, Walmart is expanding it’s buy online and collect in store model, and now Loblaw has announced plans to expand it’s ecommerce services.

Loblaw is expanding its premium home delivery service by the end of 2018 to 16 markets in Canada by year’s end from 11 today.

Most of Loblaw’s customers spend more in a click-and-collect order than home delivery. With the new offering, this is bound to change. This should also have a positive effect on Loblaw’s labour and inventory costs, whilst increasing customer satisfaction with their provider. Loblaws has partnered with Instacart for this expansion, one of the fastest growing grocery delivery services in Canada.

If you are in the grocery business, what is your strategy to counter the new home delivery services provided by the major supermarket chains? If you need help, contact us.


Jack Ma’s message in Toronto: Try and Try again

If you thought starting an online business was tough, you are in good company. Listen to Jack Ma’s message at Gateway ’17 in Toronto in September 2017:

How Do Walmart Price Before Cost and Remain Profitable?

Have you ever wondered how Walmart keeps selling some products below cost and still makes a profit? Well, customer loyalty is king at Walmart, and once you pick the cheap item you will keep adding other items to your basket.



Digital Marketing For Ecommerce In Canada

Your digital marketing content should speak directly to the needs of potential customers and make clear the value of your product or service. Here is a great webinar from July 2017 from Google partners on digital marketing in Canada.


Jack Ma heads to Africa

More and more e-commerce experts are heading to Africa. This trend shows the potential of e-commerce companies in Africa and the potential ahead. Internet penetration and smart phone use is on the rise, and this can only lead to huge profits ahead for e-commerce companies in Africa.

Jack Ma from Alibaba has recently made the rounds in Africa.



Digital Marketing for eCommerce in Canada Webinar

Many of our followers and clients often ask about online learning and courses that they can take. Well, one good source is Google. They often have great courses online, everything from Google Analytics, Ecommerce, Adwords, SEO and everything in between. Here is an upcoming webinar that we recommend, on Digital Marketing for Ecommerce in Canada. It will be on July 11th.

Amazon Buys Whole Foods: Time To Run For The Hills?

Amazon has bought Whole Foods. Is it time for Walmart and the rest of humanity to give up and accept the inevitable; Amazon world domination?

Bad news for retail, Amazon is opening more stores

Bad news for brick and mortar retail; Amazon is opening more stores

If you are in retail, we can help you build an effective Omnichannel strategy to compete with Amazon. Contact us.

The Latest Ecommerce Trends in Canada

  • Mobile sales will account for 10% of total sales in 2020 in Canada
  • Click and collect is booming

Watch the latest installment from Ecommerce News Network

Can malls and big stores be saved?

big brands

Well folks, it has finally happened. Nearly every major department store in the USA and Canada, including Macy’s, Kohl’s, Walmart, and Sears, have closed or intend to close hundreds of stores.

This is due to more competition and lower profit margins and the continuing rise of ecommerce.

When an anchor store like Sears shuts down, it may also lead to a “downward spiral in performance” for shopping malls.

How Can Brick and Mortar Retailers React?

Many believe that there is no way to stop the retail decline, but there may be a few solutions for the big stores in the age of Omnichannel marketing:

  1. Diversify – the old retail model has failed to adjust to modern realities and the shopping habits of the modern consumer.
  2. Follow Amazon’s lead – they say if you can’t beat them join them. Most big retailers have great online stores but cannot compete with Amazon. It may be time for the big retailers to adopt the “Amazon model” in fulfillment, pricing and customer experience.
  3. Review what your customer’s needs and values are: Millennial and Gen Z consumers in general have vastly different needs to the older generation that viewed shopping in terms of visiting a store.  They want products are ethically made, with fair salaries paid, environmentally friendly and authentic.

    If you are looking to diversify, or need help with reviewing your business model, we have experts who can work with your company to help you survive the “Amazon onslaught.”  Alternatively, we can also help you transform from a brick and motor business to an efficient and profitable pure play model.

    Contact us to discuss.




The Shopify Revolution, Are You In?

Many ecommerce firms are setting up stores on Shopify, even if they already have a presence on Amazon. How far will the Shopify revolution go?

In 2016 the company’s e-commerce platform had purchases by more than 100 million individual shoppers. Here is an interesting video on the power of Shopify:

If you are wondering if Shopify is right for you, contact us.


Amazon B2B Launches In UK

Amazon Business has arrived in England. We have had a great experience with them, from placing an order right through to fulfillment. If you are in UK, try them.


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